Opened in 1967 Pickett’s of Hertford prides itself on being a traditional Hertford butcher serving high quality produce to the local community

Ricky Marsh started his career as a butcher aged only 13, taking up a Saturday job in a local butchers shop. After leaving school he joined the team working full time at Pickett’s in Hertford and was soon promoted to shop manager before finally buying the business in 2002.  Over the years shopping habits have changed yet Pickett’s remains the only Hertford butchers shop.

The business prides itself on supplying high quality products and understands the importance of knowing where meat is sourced. To ensure our meat is fresh the shop receives daily deliveries from Smithfield meat market in East London and regular beef deliveries from MacDuff Beef in Scotland.  In our Hertford shop we display all the details of the farm and breed of beef we’re selling so customers can see the direct link between the beef they are buying and the farm it was sourced from.   We are very proud to have received the highest accreditation awarded by East Hertfordshire Council for food hygiene.

Butcher shops are unique in that they can provide customers with a tailored service. This means that customers can buy the exact cut of meat they need at the exact quantity needed; not a pre-packaged packet of chicken breasts or minced beef in sight!  And, if you don’t know your chuck steak from you top rump, or your scrag end from your best end, here at Pickett’s of Hertford we will talk you through all the cuts in store so that you feel confident in what you’re buying.

Quite simply we are passionate about our meat and that’s why families have trusted their local Hertford butcher since 1967