Our shop provides a fresh and contemporary feel, which complements our range of high quality meat.

At Pickett’s of Hertford we are proud to sell an array of different meats and cuts of lamb, beef, chicken and pork, as well as a selection of ‘Kentish Mayde’ meat pies and our very own burgers and sausages, which are made in our shop. We also stock an impressive range of awarding winning deli products featuring a selection of chutneys, pickled onions and marmalades.  You can expect a warm welcome by owner and experienced butcher, Ricky, who with his wealth of knowledge, will help you to select the best choice and cut of meat whether it’s for that special recipe, a big family Sunday roast or the good old British favourite BBQ.


Selection of Kentish Mayde pies

Award winning pie producers. Fillings include: steak, chicken & mushroom and steak & kidney

Small £2.85 - Large £7.99

Homemade sausages

Including Butchers Favourite (Plain), Cumberland, Wild Boar & Apple and Pork chipolatas

from £7.80 per kilo

Thick cut British bacon

Smoked or unsmoked

from £10.00 per kilo

Breakfast packs

Comprising: 6 rashers of bacon, 6 sausages and 6 eggs



We offer a range of different chicken cuts from whole chickens to chicken supremes (breast and wing) to chicken thighs, legs and fillets. The whole chickens are supplied from a company in Norfolk and a company in Suffolk. Pickett’s of Hertford has been working with both companies for over thirty years due to the high quality of their products. The chicken fillets can be purchased individually or in cases of up to 5kg.



This hardworking part of the pig this is dotted with fat and tissue, resulting in it being a brilliantly juicy cut if slowly cooked. It is so versatile that it can be slow or pot roasted, casseroled or minced. If you want to serve roast pork at a big family gathering, a whole shoulder (and almost a day of roasting) is what you need.

Cut from the upper part of the shoulder, this comprises a rack of four or five ribs. Tasty, sweet and succulent as a result of a generous amount of marbled fat and tissue, which breaks down during slow cooking.

Loin is from the middle of the pig’s back; an area safe from any hard work and so about as lean as this fatty animal will get. It produces an excellent roasting joint – particularly on the bone – plus wonderful, meaty pork chops.

The lean, tapered ‘tail’ of meat taken from the other side of the rib to the loin chop. This is essentially the fillet of pork.

Once a thrifty secret, now the favourite cut of chefs and home cooks alike. Its fat-rich composition makes it a fantastic addition to sausages and pies, but it is in its slow-roasted form that this cut really shines. It is extremely rich meaning that a little goes a long way, and so even at its currently popular height, it is an economical roast.

This classic roasting cut has fallen out of favour. It’s a fairly lean cut that needs careful cooking, but a leg of good quality pork won’t dry out as some people think.



The thinner end of the neck nearer the head, a slow cooking cut, which is left in little cross sections on the bone. Cooking on the bone enhances the depth of flavour and makes for a rich, silky sauce.

This hardworking muscle from the forequarter of the animal can be broken down into separate parts or roasted whole. Although leg (from the rear of the animal, which does less work than the front) is often favoured, as the premium cut, it is the shoulder that provides the most flavour and succulence, thanks to its marbling of fat and tissue. Cooked slowly and allowed to tenderize over a number of hours, the shoulder is as flavoursome and tender as leg, but around half the price. While shoulder makes a fantastic roast it is very versatile so is ideal for dicing or mincing as well.

A long, meaty stewing cut from the lower part of the neck across the top of the shoulders. A marbled, textured fillet of meat that is packed with flavour – this used to be exceptionally economical but not so much now due to its increased demand.

Taken from the first seven ribs along the backbone, this cut is small but impressive and can be roasted or sliced into individual cutlets for the grill or barbeque.

The loin is the ribcage along the middle section of the backbone and is prized for its sweet, tender eye of meat, which should be kept nice and pink. It can be prepared as a single loin chop, a Barnsley (double loin) chop, saddle, noisette or left whole as a superb roasting joint.

The end of the back where it joins the leg, this cut can come on the bone (which can be made into chops) or boned. It is a perfect small roasting joint, or can be sold as part of the leg.

Arguably the most popular cut – a little more finesse than shoulder but without the expense of rack of lamb. You can buy a whole or half leg on the bone, boned and rolled, or butterflied for a wonderful barbecue cut. And if you don’t need a whole one, you can buy a leg steak instead – either whole, a cross section including the bone, or from an individual muscle, a smaller, fatter steak.

From the top of the back leg this is larger than the fore shank. This cut has become extremely popular in recent years and can be bought either for roasting on the leg or boned.


As top rump contains some fat it is ideal in casseroles and pie fillings. It can be sliced into thin strips for flash or stir-frying, or alternatively left whole as a great roast for a typical Sunday lunch.

Silverside is taken from the lower part of the back of the body. It has a little gristle running through it that makes it ideal for stews or casseroles especially as it is very flavoursome and is fantastic if slowly braised in liquid.

A lean and potentially very tender cut of beef that requires either fairly fast or very slow cooking with nothing in between. It makes a great pot roast, but can also be roasted quickly to serve pink.

To the new cook oxtail might seem like a challenging cut, but it really is among the best for a braise or casserole. We chop the whole tail into rounds, which means that as it slow cooks all of the unctuous collagen and gelatin is released into the sauce and contributes to the richest beef stew you can make.

Rump is a fairly lean cut of beef yet it contains a layer of subcutaneous fat which means it can be aged whole for up to 90 days, to give exceptional flavour and tenderness.

Sirloin is taken from the back of the loin and if left on the bone is used as a roasting or can be cut and used as sirloin steaks.

Easily recognised by the T-shaped bone that has the flesh of the sirloin on one side and the tender fillet on the other. A hard cut to cook properly as the two sides tend to cook unevenly. The porterhouse is supposed to have a slightly higher ratio of fillet than the standard T-bone.  This cut of beef is not sold in supermarkets.

The long, tender, tapered muscle that runs alongside the sirloin, this is the most tender cut as it does not do any work. When cooking it should be left quite pink as it can become tough due to the small amount of fat it has.

The forerib is very flavoursome and as a result has become a favourite roast in recent years.

This tasty and economical cut of meat is suited to slower methods of cooking such as stewing or braising, and it makes a great pot roast if taken off the bone and rolled. Chuck has found increased popularity recently as part of the meat blend for good quality burger restaurants.

A small cut taken from along the shoulder blade, feather blade has very good marbling and lots of flavour, but needs either very fast or very slow cooking.

Taken from the underside of the shoulder, brisket is a broad piece with a long line of fat, which is usually trimmed a little and rolled into a joint. Fantastic for pot roasting, and is becoming increasingly popular for barbecuing.

This is classed as the ‘spare rib’ of the cow, if you draw a comparison to pork. Taken from the lower part of the front of the ribcage, these big tasty ribs are well suited to a long braise then a blast on the barbeque. They can either be separated into individual ribs, or cut across the bones to look like little ladders.

Can be bought on or off the bone, though for best results choose the former as the bone marrow adds a beautiful richness. Can be taken from the fore or hind leg of the animal.


We are very proud to maintain a tradition of making our own sausages and burgers in store – a tradition that dates back to circa 1967.

In store we sell four staple flavours of sausages such as Butcher’s Favourite, Chipolata, Cumberland and Wild Boar & Apple.  All our sausages are handmade from pork shoulder and belly cuts.  The pork shoulder provides great texture and flavour to our sausages whilst the belly provides succulence.  Seasonally we also sell Braughing sausages, Venison & Red Wine and Boerwoers.

All our burgers are freshly made by hand on our premises using 100% beef shoulder and flank.  The combination of these two cuts make for a burger tender in texture, yet rich in flavour.


At Pickett’s of Hertford we have an impressive range of awarding winning chutneys, pickled onions and jams, which make great gifts and accompaniment to everyday meals.

We are also proud to work with some of the best local and nationwide producers and suppliers of sauces and produce, bringing that something extra to our valued customers, including:

  • Award winning Kentish Mayde pies available in a variety of savoury fillings, encased in their crisp, buttery, short crust pastry.
  • East Herts. most popular sausage the ‘Braughing Sausage’ can be found across menus nationwide and is now available to buy at Pickett’s.
  • Clonakilty black pudding is Ireland’s leading black pudding. Made using premium Irish Beef along with oatmeal, onions, beef blood and a secret blend of natural spices, Clonakilty adds extra flavour to the traditional English breakfast.
  • Meah’s curry sauces brings authentic curry flavours to the comfort of your home. Simply add your favourite meat to this blend of traditional spices.
  • Gabriel Honey Farm Ltd produces English honey of the highest quality from their local farms in Much Hadham, East Herts. Perfect in drinks or used in cooking, spread on toast or drizzled over cereal, the options are endless.
  • Awarding winning Snowdonia Cheese Company produces a range of premium cheese for every occasion.
  • Bloody Hell Hot Sauce comes with warning – it’s HOT! Produced on the beautiful Isle of Wight by the Powers family it makes the perfect meat accompaniment.
  • Multi-awarding winning Sinclair condiments put taste and quality at the forefront of what they do. Enjoy the range at Pickett’s now.